July 16th is Guru Poornima day. In Hindu traditions, one’s Guru, is a catalyst for the emergence of “Interiority” i.e. the turning inward of the mind, and the letting go of our endless preoccupation with the external world. For most of us, our attachment to the external world of objects of sensory perception is so total, that “inwardness” is nearly impossible. This radical turning away from the external world, is a prerequisite for Self-knowledge i.e. what is called “Para Vidya” in Vedanta, and does not easily happen without the mediation of a Guru.

May we all be blessed with a Guru who is appropriate to our phase of life and stage of spiritual growth. On this day, we have released a new Web site for the Hindu University of America. 

I wish to acknowledge the generosity of two people in this communication.

I am happy to share with you all, that Dharma Civilization Foundation has pledged a gift of $ 300,000 and fulfilled the first installment of this pledge of towards the creation of a Chair at IIT Gandhinagar, India. This Chair will be named the “Irma and Ushakant Thakkar Chair in Sanskrit Studies” and will enable the teaching of courses at IIT, Gandhinagar, on Sanskrit language and literature. The Chair may also use some of the Endowment income to invite eminent scholars of Sanskrit to IITGN as visiting professors or scholar-in-residence for lectures, seminars and other scholarly endeavors. I wish to acknowledge the generosity of our Chairman of the Board, Dr. Ushakant Thakkar and his wife, Mrs. Dr. Irma Thakkar, for making the commitment to fulfill the whole pledge within one year. It is also heartening to note that an Indian Institute of Technology is opening itself up to the study and teaching of Sanskrit and Indic knowledge systems, amidst its primary commitment to Technology.

I also wish to acknowledge Shri Braham Ratan Agarwal, and his family for making a pledge of $ 1 million towards the reinvention and rejuvenation phase of the Hindu University of America. Braham ji made his pledge on June 23rd, on the final day of the HUA Advancement Conclave held in Orlando, Florida, and will fulfill the pledge over 5 years.

This message carries with it a few news items pertaining to our HUA journey, including the advancement conclave, the Visit India and study abroad program and the new HUA website. Please take some time to click on the various links to get a full glimpse of the state of progress.

A cohort of 18 students from the US, have started the Masters Certificate in Sanskrit programs, along with a group of 11 students from India. The inaugural Sanskrit program offered through the collaboration between Hindu University of America and Maharishi Veda Vyasa School of Vedic Sciences, has commenced successfully and is under way as we speak. Through the first half of the year, more than 150 students expressed interest in the program, and finally 18 chose to register. HUA has grown from 10 active students on January 1, 2019 to 28 active students as of July 1, 2019.

Highlights from the Advancement  Conclave

On the weekend of June 21st to June 23rd, 2019, the well-wishers of Hindu University of America as well as Faculty and Board members came together at the Advancement Conclave in Orlando, Florida. The objective of the Conclave was to generate alignment, momentum, and inspiration for the reinvention & revitalization of Hindu University of America

Discover Life by exploring India

Visit India with our unique study abroad program that offers an authentic, transformative and enriching experience. This program is aimed at students of the Hindu University of America and all people who are curious to participate in a journey of self-reflection on how we can live with a sense of universal responsibility.

Warm Regards,

Kalyan Viswanathan
Interim President and Executive Vice President, Hindu University of America
President, Dharma Civilization Foundation