Save the Date: Dec 1st, 2018 from 9 am to 2 pm

Dharma Civilization Foundation will have its annual get together on Dec 1st, 2018, at the Sanatana Dharma Mandir, in Cerritos, Los Angeles. I request you all to please mark this date and clear your calendars. We will be sharing more details about the program agenda and participants information in subsequent e-mails.

On September 15th, the DCF Board met and voted to explore a relationship with the Hindu University of America, Florida, with an intention to give rise to a “Punar Janma” for this institution. 

This represents a new commitment to create and nurture our own institutions free from the need for permission and approval from Western Academic institutions. At the same time, DCF is also cautiously exploring the creation of a Chair in Sanskrit Studies at the Indian Institute of Technology at Gandhinagar. We will be sharing more information on these initiatives on Dec 1st, at our annual public event.

So far, in 2018 we have sponsored and supported or committed to supporting the following events, conferences and initiatives:

  1. Support for Scholar participation at the conference on Indic Psychology in New Delhi – April 2018
  2. Sponsorship for the Panel on “Suppressing the Voices of the Indigenous – The Aryan Invasion / Migration Theory”, World History Association, Minneapolis – June 2018
  3. Sponsorship for Scholar participation at the “International Conference on Growth and Development of the Indian Culture: History and Literary Perspectives (Prehistoric Period—Twelfth Century CE)” held in Bangalore, by the SR Rao Foundation – July 2018
  4. Swami Vivekananda Fellowship grants for Scholars leading up to the publication of the book “Philology and Criticism”, and its release at the World Sanskrit Conference, Vancouver – July 2018
  5. Participation and Paper presentation at the World Association of Vedic Studies conference in Dallas – August 2018
  6. Grant for expansion and operation of the International Accreditation council for Dharma Schools and Colleges – August 2018
  7. Sponsorship for the World Hindu conference, Chicago and DCF Presentation on the Panel on Community Networking – September 2018
  8. Support for Research into the Raja Rao Literary Collection – September 2018
  9. Paper presentation and Participation at the World Parliament on Science, Religion and Philosophy at the MIT World Peace University, Pune, India – October 2018
  10. Participation at the Uberoi Conference on “Human Rights and Human Dignity – A Dharma centered view” – Orlando, Florida – October 2018

All of these are small steps in the general direction of supporting scholars, building new capacities, institutions and establishing a Hindu voice in the Academic domain. I thank you all for your ongoing support for DCF’s initiatives and look forward to seeing you in person on Dec 1st, in Los Angeles.

Warm Regards,

Kalyan Viswanathan