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You are enabling the modern world to rediscover Dharma as unfolded by the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita and many other sacred texts of India in formal educational settings. You are ensuring that the ideas and concepts that originated in India, find a voice in the modern world, and make a difference in a variety of current day spheres and concerns. You are allowing the scholars, intellectuals and leaders of tomorrow gain from the perspectives offered by the great Dharma traditions of India. You are helping preparing Scholars who will keep the flame of Dharma alive for many generations to come. You are promoting the understanding of India’s civilization, religion and culture in a way that unfolds Dharma for the well-being of both the individual and the world.

Dharma Civilization Foundation will establish rigorous and well-crafted gift agreements with the Educational Institutions to whom its Gifts are directed. These agreements serve to preserve the intention of the donor through time and ensure that the Universities live up to their agreement. To this end, DCF will maintain relationships with all Universities to whom it makes gifts, and establish ongoing monitoring processes with them. DCF is committed to building the critical expertise required to engage effectively with the Academic Institutions of the western world, and ensure that the community’s investment in the Educational system is safe-guarded. In this sense, DCF intends to perform a facilitative role, to support a variety of donor interests and commitments and translate the Dharma Communities’ desire to impact the presence of Dharma Education in North America into reality by creating a variety of meaningful initiatives and projects with the academia.