Dharma Civilization Foundation will facilitate the creation of a variety of “Named” gift opportunities. These Named Gifts can be established in the name of a parent, a loved one, a family name, a Guru, a Deity or a Teacher or a Professor. Depending on the level, named gift opportunities will either exist for a time, or in perpetuity. The following are a collection of naming opportunities available through DCF.


Naming Opportunity


Funding Required

1 School or College
  1. Graduate School of Hindu Dharma Studies in Berkeley, California
$25 Million to $50 Million
2 Center of Excellence
  1. Center for the study of Indic Dharma
    and Civilizational Studies at USC
  2. Adi Shankara Institute for the study of Advaita
    Vedanta and Sanskrit in Berkeley, California
$5 Million to $15 Million
3 Endowed Chair
  1. Endowed Chair for the study of Hindu Dharma at USC  (Swami Vivekananda)
  2. Endowed Chair for Vedic Studies at UCI
$1.5 -$3.3 Million
4 Professorship
  1. Professor in Dharma Studies  (5 years of funding)
  2. Visiting Professor in Vaishnava Studies (2 years of funding)
$250,000 to $750,000
 5 Distinguished Lecture
  1. Annual Lecture on Vedanta
 6 Endowed Course
  1. Course on Yoga beyond the mat
  2. Introduction to the Dharma Traditions of India
 7 Annual Fellowship
  1. Full tuition plus living expenses for one student
 8 Annual Scholarship
  1. Full tuition scholarship for one student
 9 Partial Scholarship
  1. Partial Scholarship Fund
$100,000 to $250,000
 10 Conference one time
  1. Conference on Yoga and Health
$25,000 to $50,000
 11 Annual Conference
  1. Annual conference on Vedanta
  2. Annual conference on Vaishnava traditions
 12 Annual Research and Writing Grant
  1. Named Grant for Research on Applied Dharma
 13 One time Research and writing Grant
  1. Named Grant for Research on Applied Dharma
 14 Annual grant for a Book writing project
  1. Named Grant for Research on Applied Dharma
$ 100,000 to $500,000
 15 Adjunct Course one time
  1. Named Adjunct Class on comparative Dharma and Law
 16 Community event one time
  1. Named Community event on Meditation and Yoga