If you find the Vision and Mission of Dharma Civilization Foundation, then we invite you to get involved. There are many ways of participating and contributing to DCF. A variety of these ways with increasing levels of involvement and commitment are described below:


At this level, you are someone who finds DCF Vision and Mission compelling, and a stakeholder in its success and fulfillment. You are occasionally sharing the vision and mission of DCF with the people in your life, or you come into contact with, however, you are not yet a key member of the DCF Team.


At this level, you are committing your time and energy to ensure that DCF’s activities take off successfully and bear fruit. You are bringing your special expertise in one of many areas such as:

  • Accounting and Book-keeping
  • Event Management
  • Fund Raising
  • Logistics Management
  • Media and Public relations
  • Video and Photography
  • Web Site and Social Media


At this level, you are beginning to contribute financially towards the fulfillment of DCF’s Vision and Mission. Whether you give a small amount i.e. less than $1000 a year, or you give a large gift of $1 Million or more, your gift is invaluable to us, in terms of the impact that it can make. Various donor levels acknowledged by DCF are listed below.


At this level, you are not only deeply aligned with the Vision and Mission of DCF, but you are also someone who has a demonstrated track record of commitment and passion towards the cause of Dharma. In addition, you possess special expertise in one or more of the following areas, and you are willing to bring that special expertise to bear in support of DCF. You may serve on committees of DCF, take on leadership roles with DCF, and help in shaping the trajectory of DCF’s presence and growth.

  • Spiritual Eminence
  • Academic Excellence
  • Institution Building
  • Philanthropic Track Record
  • Legal Experience
  • Financial and Investment Management
  • Funds Development
  • Non-Profit Leadership and Management
  • Community Leadership
  • Thought Leadership in Applied Dharma
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Media and Public Relations


As an appointed Officer of Dharma Civilization Foundation, you are accountable for the fulfillment of the Vision and Mission of DCF. Whether you are a paid employee of DCF or an Officer in a Volunteer capacity, the fulfillment of DCF’s annual plans are now in your hands. You will be expected to set aside other activities in your life, and to make room for the work of DCF and almost on a daily and weekly basis, engage in some task related to forwarding DCF. As an Officer you may serve on one or more committees, even lead specific committees and teams.


You have now been elected by the Members of the Board of Trustees as a Trustee. In this capacity you have the dual responsibility of safe-guarding the community’s investment in DCF, as well as ensuring that the vision and mission of DCF is fulfilled. You have committed yourself to the sacred duty to contribute and make a difference in the historic trajectory of Sanatana Dharma and its presence in the world. You are an active advocate for DCF’s Vision and Mission and are engaged in its realization on a daily basis. You take on the duty of building an ever growing constituency of supporters and well-wishers, and truly advance DCF’s Vision in the world. You attend the quarterly meetings of the Board of Trustees, participate in various committees and function as a Community Leader, on behalf of DCF. You are an institution builder, and are constantly at work, inviting new members and volunteers to get involved in the activities of DCF.


As a distinguished Donor, you have contributed over a quarter million dollars within a three year period to DCF. By virtue of your contribution you are entitled to inspect the financial records and books of DCF, at any time, and function as an overseer of DCF’s activities. You receive copies of all meeting minutes and notes from the Board of Trustee meetings, and Board of Governors’ meetings. You have a view of DCF’s annual growth plans, budgets and have the right to step in and intervene in the functioning of the Organization if necessary.

Member, Board of Governors

As an elected member of the Board of Governors, you represent the interests of the Donor community, and in particular the community of all the high value donors. You inspect DCF’s activities periodically i.e. at least twice a year, and have the right to review and approve DCF’s annual plans and budgets. You may attend the meetings of the Board of Trustees or not, but you are kept informed of all key decisions being made by the organization. You may choose to get involved in DCF’s operational activities, primarily by serving on one or more committees of DCF. You are on the lookout for engaging other similar high value donors, who have the potential to get involved with DCF, and make a sizeable contribution to its Vision and Mission.