The Year 2020 has been unlike any other year that we have experienced in our lifetimes. It has brought illness, loss, disruption and despair to billions around the world. No one has been left unaffected by the pandemic of 2020. Even if we did not personally suffer the loss of a loved one who was close to us, our hearts must go out in sympathy for the many millions of people who were left bereaved or deeply destabilized in their lives.

As we look forward cautiously to 2021, it is not yet clear how long we will have to wait for life to return to the pre-pandemic normal, or if we are now going to have to adjust to a new post-pandemic normal. “To act alone, you have jurisdiction and authority, not to the results thereof”, said Shri Krishna to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita (II.47). It has been a timeless message that continues to be relevant for all of humanity, more so in a time of deep uncertainty. In 2020, we put our heads down, and focused on our actions. Here are the results – summarized in a short video.

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We accept these results as the “Prasada” that accrues from the divine, even as the Coronavirus has been a different kind of “Prasada”, for all of humanity. “Strive to give up attachment to the fruits of actions” is the advice Shri Krishna gives to Arjuna. We too would like to let go of our attachments to what has accrued, and what may accrue in the future. As we strive on in 2021, here are a few priorities for Hindu University of America.

  1. To substantially grow our Student body
  2. To expand our Graduate and International students
  3. To prepare the University for Accreditation
  4. To stabilize our financial future for the next 5 years
  5. To diversify our Course and Program offerings
  6. To build relationships and affiliations

Hindu University of America (HUA) is a pioneering online university teaching from a Dharmic perspective through courses in Hindu philosophies, traditions, culture, and civilization. Our faculty of dedicated, brilliant scholars recognizes the need for a global university that truthfully, steadfastly, and academically represents the Hindu paradigm.

We hope that you will come on board, and stay on board in the momentous journey of building a world-class Hindu University in America in 2021, which can become a “shared platform” for Hindus worldwide that we can all continue to be proud of.