How you can help

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities where you can bring your skills from your day job to help the cause of Dharma. Your professional input will speed up our efforts, prevent dead ends, help donations go further and ultimately lead to greater impact.

Why volunteer with us?

If you wish to participate in helping heal the world and make life, society and our planet sustainable, join us. Your participation is sought in whatever way that works for you. Your smallest effort – like a drop in the ocean, can cause a ripple effect. Your volunteer experience – ‘sewa’ – helps others while nourishing your ‘atman’. 

Build Connections

Connect with scholars, researchers, and experts in a wide range of fields and learn how they have leveraged their Dharmic philosophical foundation to achieve exceptional professional and personal success

Gain Skills

Complement your current skills with new ideas, processes and applications from Indian Knowledge Systems. Engage in projects that have large reach and impact.

Gain Access to Content

Gain access to credible research and interpretation from globally renowned scholars from the Dharmic fold. Use and amplify their work with confidence in its rigor and intent

Feel Satisfied

Ultimately it all comes down to finding fulfillment and happiness. While your contribution will certainly positively impact others, its biggest benefit will be fulfillment accruing directly to you

Explore opportunities

Write for Dharma

If your talent lies in articulating profound concepts in easily digestible language, come blog for Dharma

Speak for dharma

If you are able to interview experts and extract nuggets of wisdom from them for your audience, podcast for Dharma

Research for dharma

If your strength lies in poring over Sanskrit or Indian language texts and interpreting them for modern society, do research for Dharma

Educate for dharma

If your strength is pedagogy, consider being an educator for Dharma

Code for Dharma

If software programming is your forte, bring your skills to develop technology for Dharmic causes

Design for Dharma

If you have the gift of telling a story graphically or through infographs or have UX or visual design skills, design for Dharma

Post for Dharma

If you have a good social media presence and are able to make an impact in a few characters, post and amplify the message of Dharma

Manage for dharma

If you are able to motivate volunteers to get projects done, consider managing projects for Dharma

Contact Us

Tell us about yourself and the role you would like to play at DCF