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One passion that binds us all is our gratitude for our Dharmic foundation and a yearning to bring it to you.

The Indian diaspora in the United States has numerous success stories. Why is this minority group so disproportionately and extraordinarily accomplished? 

Turns out, this success in no small part is due to their attitude and its philosophical foundation.  This foundation is Dharma. Dharma is a way of life – a lived reality rather than a studied one. While that is still true in India, this way of life cannot be organically carried over outside India and imbibed by the next generations. For that to happen, Dharma and Indic civilization need to be deconstructed academically and repackaged in a way understandable to people living outside the Dharmic lands. 

Taking inspiration and guidance from late Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Dharma Civilization Foundation was started by a group of highly accomplished individuals with this quest and with a genuine desire to freely share the Indic wisdom with the world – a quintessentially Dharmic thing to do.

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