Discover the world’s largest literature collection you’ve missed out on

Uncover a world that you’d likely not on your own. Find entirely new genres of books, opening your mind to new ideas and philosophies that never surface in mainstream media.

Tejas 2024
books & Authors

Curious about which books will feature at Tejas 2024?

Below are examples of authors whose works will be included. The complete selection, comprising up to 4 books per division, will be revealed once the registration period concludes.

Types of Challenges

Dive into a variety of engaging events, each meticulously designed to put your literary prowess and innovative thinking to the test. Guaranteed enjoyment awaits as you immerse yourself in these uniquely crafted experiences.

Memefy This

Get creative with Memefy This – craft unique memes that encapsulate irony or convey powerful messages from provided prompts.


Unleash your literary flair by composing thoughtful essays inspired by handpicked prompts in the Essay event.


Test your verbal agility with Just-a-minute – speak uninterrupted on a given topic for 60 seconds!


Deep-dive into stimulating prompt for a specified duration.

Mad Ads

MadAds calls for innovative advertisements promoting or explaining chosen topics/characters.

YouTube Shorts

YouTube Short encourages budding videographers to produce engaging shorts based on provided prompts

Spot It

Spot It challenges your acumen, as you discern differences between Indic and Western perspectives on various subjects.


Distill It engages you to encapsulate expansive books or ideas into concise sentences or paragraphs reflecting their essence.

Distill It

Test your verbal agility with Just-a-minute – speak uninterrupted on a given topic for 60 seconds!

Booklet Me

Booklet Me invites you to compile an engaging booklet revolving around a specific theme or prompt.

How does the Tejas competition work?

For information about detail of the Competition Structure, Preparation and Time Commitment, Registration and Team Formation, click on the FAQ page

Who is organizing Tejas?

Tejas is organized by Dharma Civilization Foundation. Check us out at

DCF is a US based non-profit with the mission to bring you an Indic perspective on all aspects of life. We believe that ancient Indian wisdom has answers to many of our contemporary problems and making them accessible and relatable to you is our mission.

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